Clearly, most people know just how alluring social media platforms like Instagram and SnapChat are. They’re avenues for connecting with the masses and spreading your message. However, not many people get that level of saturated reach that’s required to ensure high visibility.

When it comes to marketing anything on social media, without a large sum of followers, you’ll most likely fail to achieve your goal. But getting that amount of followers could be incredibly difficult. Below are a few simple strategies you could use to build up and amass such a large following though. Stick to these strategies, and you’ll find success in the social media realm, as long as you don’t give up

1. Define your niche audience.

Carve out your niche audience from the multitude of people online. Be specific. Who are you targeting?

Don’t know how to do this? Learn how to here. 

This is important because you’ll be curating your content towards that intended audience. Everything that you do or say needs to be geared towards these people. In marketing jargon, this is called your demographic.

Digital marketing strategist Nigeria - Define your niche's audience

The more you can define your demographic, the higher your chances for success. If you ignore this and try to go after and/or appeal to everyone, you’ll be less likely to succeed. Take a cue from Foodace – a very specific niche market, targeting people that are interested in cooking, recipes and African spices.

Brand developer Nigeria - Define your niche's audience

2. Add tremendous value.

You can’t succeed with social media marketing without adding massive amounts of value. Today, that’s more important than ever. There’s so much competition in the marketplace, and everyone knows that the stakes are high. For those that can break through the bonds of mediocrity and build a massive following, tremendous riches and opportunities await.

Find ways to share your expertise with others. Help the people that follow you in some way or manner. Let your customer service be top-notch. Twitter has made this easy with their quick replies and welcome DMs.

The more you focus on this mentality, the more likely you’ll be to succeed in the long run. Continuously ask yourself,  “How will I add value to this?

Brand developement Nigeria - Add tremendous value

3. Create viral content.

A lot of influencers have leveraged media content like images, songs and/or videos to get their message out. Videos done the right way, have the potential to go viral. And, when they really appeal to your target audience, they are powerful on many levels.

Take the time to create content that will appeal to your audience. Use a design tool, video editor or hire someone that can help you. You can have someone create all your videos, investing a small amount of money little by little to build you brand. This is one of the surest ways to reach the biggest audience.

4. Team up

Find like-minded entrepreneurs on social media who you can team up with. Reach out to them. Build a group. Join a mastermind. Or find some other way that you can collaborate with other people who might be in similar situations as yourself, or with a similar amount of followers.

Digital Marketing strategist - Team up

It’s obvious that there is power in numbers. You can’t expect to do this yourself all the time. It’s called social media for a reason. Make shout-outs and joint ventures with other people if you want to experience exponential growth in followers, interaction and conversions over time. Don’t expect it to happen overnight though.

5. Leverage on hashtags.

It’s a proven facts that hashtags are effective tools to get your  message across to those looking for them, they’re like the SEO genies of social media. Years ago, it was easy easier to use hashtags when they were relatively new though. Today, it takes more effort and effective placement to achieve hashtag dominance.

The time taken out of your busy schedule to research the right hashtags aren’t wasted.  Ensure that you’re hashtags applicable to your audience and your content if you’re serious about succeeding to reach the highest levels on social media.

Did this message speak to you? Do you have questions, additions or multiplications 😊? You can always speak your mind in the comment section below.

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