Stop sitting idle at home watching ESPN, Al Jazeera, Telemundo or just surfing the net, chatting on social media or reading gossip blogs when you can begin making good money with your own online business in Nigeria in as little time as your seriousness can muster.

I’ve not seen a better time to start an online business like now. Recently, nearly every retailer has found out that most of their sales come from their online customers, and this doesn’t stop there since nearly every industry is moving online. So if you’re thinking about starting a new business now, you should think about how to integrate an effective online marketing strategy into your business and put your skills to use on the web.

Not sure what type of online business to start?

That’s easy. It’s best to sell what you already have; most importantly, your knowledge. Offer your knowledge or expertise in a package, for example in the form of an ebook or a webinar. If your talents lie in creating things, then open a Konga or Jumia store and sell your crafts online; you could even use open classified ads channels like OLXJijiEfritin etc. (classified advertising is a form of advertising which may be sold or distributed free of charge.)

In 2016, Konga made ₦3.5 billion in their Yakata sales alone (this was mostly profit gained from helping small businesses sell their products online), a billion more than their projected sales for the event. This is a clear indication that they could be a good sales platform for your business. Of course, having you own website takes care of all your competitors on these other multiseller stores since you can sell on your website and sell on the other stores too (who doesn’t need multiple sources of income and brand awareness?).

You could also check out Distributel’s infographic below for more inspiration on what online business you could begin this year.

P.S. Use a more localised store than Etsy for this one, considering how Nigerian banking institutions and “others” are now monopolising the flow or USD exchange rates; this could put you at a loss or totally kill your fledgling brand. As previously advised, use multiseller stores like Konga & Jumia and open classifieds like OLX and Jiji.

5 Online Businesses To Begin In Nigeria This Year

Keep an eye on my site, as I will be delving deeper into how to help you develop your small business, beat your competitors and compete head-to-head with the big guns.